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Taylor Auto Electrical is a professional car repair service that was started by Mark Taylor, a professional auto electrician in Auckland. What initially started as a one-man workshop has grown to become a reputable and trustworthy repair center with no less than 12 professionals, including car parts specialists, apprentices, and skilled tradesmen.

Taylor Auto Electrical offers a comprehensive array of services, ranging all the way from batteries (premium, heavy duty as well as economy batteries) and LED lighting to ABS systems, car alarms and supplementary car restraint systems. Here you will find out more about the key services offered by the company:

LED Lighting – Efficiency And Cost-Effectiveness!

LED stands for light-emitting diodes, and these bulbs are very popular nowadays. Not just amongst residential homeowners but also car and motorcycle owners who want to boost the function of their headlights, without having their battery drained. At Taylor Auto Electrical, you can rest assured knowing that one of the many car repair specialists here will either fix or replace the broken lights on your truck, boat, caravan, car, or trailer.

Taylor Auto Electrical in Auckland offers a wide variety of LED lights from waterproof, weatherproof and dustproof lights to side warning lamps of the highest quality. Everything for your safety!

Car Alarms

Car alarms can truly make a difference, especially if you have invested a lot in your vehicle and you want to get some peace of mind knowing it won’t be stolen. Car alarms are very sensitive and accurate, and they excel at keeping thieves at bay. If you want to have your existing car alarm checked and repaired, or if you want to have a brand new alarm installed in a fast and professional fashion, you can count on Taylor Auto Electrical in Auckland.

If you have lost your remote, then you can easily get a replacement within minutes – every product and service is covered by a generous warranty, therefore you can be sure that you will get the best value for your money!

Anti-Lock Braking Systems

ABS systems can mean the difference between life and death in certain situations, and if you do not want to take any risks, then you should certainly opt for a high-end Anti-Lock Braking system. In a nutshell, the ABS system prevents the wheels of your car from locking suddenly when you brake, thus offering you more control over your car.

To sum it all up, regardless of the car part that needs to be repaired or replaced, it is crucial to choose a trustworthy company that only works with top-notch genuine car parts suppliers. If you are looking for a high-quality and affordable company that specializes in auto electrical in Auckland, then Taylor Auto Electrical in Auckland is certainly a great choice – and the company’s track record certainly speaks for itself.

For more details on the auto electrical services available, and for booking an appointment, you can visit www.taylorauto.co.nz.

Contact our friendly team at Taylor Auto Electrical to make a booking!

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Taylor Electrical – Service Summary


Taylor Auto Electrical is a well-known name in Auckland. With an exceptional auto electrician in Auckland that can work at a competitive rate, our company has grown over the years. Starting from humble beginnings as a one man workshop to our current state of the art premises on Clark Street, the one thing that has remained the same is our uncompromising work and customer service standards.

Our team of mechanics specialise in diagnostic checkups of all kinds of vehicles allowing them to get to the root of the problem in no time at all. To achieve this, Taylor Electrical is equipped with the latest technology available on the market. We are also approved by the Motor Trade Association (MTA) and follow industry leading standards in customer service and warranty.

Taylor Electrical also partners with some of the most trusted retail partners to provide its customers a hassle free experience both during and after sale. In fact, we are the only company providing a Battery Man program in West Auckland.

Our services range from the routine to the extremely specialised and everything in between. As a part of the Battery Man program, we can offer customers free car battery testing, extended warranties and even after hours breakdown support. Battery problems are often linked to a faulty Alternator, something which may be fixable without replacing your battery. Our expertise with a whole range of starter motors also ties in nicely with emergency support and repair.

We also provide diagnostic services like difficult to detect computer problems, fuel injection malfunctioning and engine tune ups. Once these issues are detected, they will be repaired if possible or else a replacement part will be arranged for.

Navigation systems are an integral part of a car nowadays, and our close relationship to TomTom, one of the world’s leading provider of in car navigation systems, means that our customers have access to the latest and greatest navigation systems on the market. Installation and/or repair of GPS systems is done on our premises.

At Taylor Electric, we offer a complete rewiring of your vehicle or repairing of smaller problems like malfunctioning electric windows, broken wipers and car air conditioning in Auckland.

Accessories like Car Stereos, LED lighting or safety equipment like ABS, Central Locking systems and reverse parking cameras are also stocked on site so we can provide a one stop solution for our customers.

If you need to leave your car with us for an extended time then we have loan cars available to help you get around in the meantime. Just visit the Taylor Auto Electrical website, taylorauto.co.nz,  for a comprehensive list of our services or give us a call to book a service. Experience our service first hand and join our family of satisfied customers.

Contact our friendly team at Taylor Auto Electrical to make a booking!

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Taylor Electrical as Your Auto Electrical Expert


Taylor Electrical started 18 years ago and our company has developed to serve many people who different electrical problems with their cars, trucks, caravans and even boats. We are among the best company you can find in Auckland for auto electrician services. We know how stressful it is if your car doesn’t start so we employ the latest technology to diagnose the problem.

Our technicians have great experience in the auto electrical field which so there is no problem we cannot fix on your car. Our experience means that we know most of the common problems associated with different types of cars which makes it easy for us to save you time when it comes to diagnosing the problem. You can even book our services online and we aim to fix your car within the shortest time possible to get you back on the road in no time at all!

Our team of experts are highly qualified but are very friendly and explain the problem and solution to you in simple terms which you will easily understand. Some of the causes of your cars electrical system failure can be prevented. In order to make it easy for you to prevent such problems in the future just talk to the Taylor Electrical team.

We can work on all types of vehicles and we can even replace parts of your electrical system rather than the whole system. We can replace your car stereo system, starter, alternators or even failed lights. If your vehicle will requires a new car battery, we will source the best car battery brands in Auckland so that after we replace it you won’t have that problem again.

We also offer car tune-up in Auckland, at a competitive price. We are among the best auto electrical companies in Auckland and we guarantee you will be offered quality services at a fair rate. Other areas where we can work on your car include the airbags and anti-lock braking system to ensure that your car is safe for you to drive.

In order to access all our services easily, just contact us at www.taylorauto.co.nz. You can fill our online contact form or call the contact numbers provided. Our auto electricians in Auckland are always on hand to help with any auto electrical emergencies.

Contact our friendly team at Taylor Auto Electrical to make a booking!

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Why Regular Car Maintenance Can Save You Money


Regular car maintenance is not only important for ensuring the safety and reliability of your vehicle, but it can also help you save money. Being proactive with your car maintenance by following regular service intervals and visiting your mechanic whenever your car develops electronic or mechanical problems will enable you to save money down the road.

How Regular Car Maintenance Can Save You Money

Firstly, it’s worth noting that modern cars are much more complex than vehicles which were manufactured even as recently as five years ago. The sophisticated mechanical and mechatronic systems incorporated into today’s automobiles mean that it is more important than ever to keep your car well maintained so you can enjoy the advances which car makers have developed and avoid the huge repair bills associated with these modern automotive technologies.

Try to fix small, inexpensive electronic and mechanical repair issues before they grow into something bigger that could leave a huge dent in your pocket. A $50 repair job today could save you from having to spend $1000 tomorrow. So any amount you spend getting your car serviced is money well spent.

Regular car maintenance also ensures that your car is inspected regularly, which can help identify and catch repair problems early – which is when they are cheaper and easier to fix. It can pre-warn you about potential major problems, for example with the engine and transmission.

During a regular inspection, your car tune-up Auckland specialist may find a repair problem that you were unaware of. By so doing, the issue can be addressed immediately, preventing the need for major repairs later. Regular maintenance is also important in increasing the life of your car and its fuel efficiency. A correctly serviced and tuned car in Auckland will have a longer, more economical service life compared to one that is run into the ground with minimal or inappropriate attention.

A car that doesn’t undergo regular maintenance is likely to have a higher fuel consumption rate and a shorter life expectancy, whilst being environmentally unfriendly as well as more unsafe.

The things you may choose to ignore that regular maintenance would sort, like oil change, brake inspection, or transmission service could prove very expensive down the road. For example, failure to undertake an oil change could cause it to coagulate and become stuck, starving your car’s engine of lubrication – which, in turn, may lead to expensive engine damage.

While not having had regular maintenance wouldn’t necessarily invalidate any insurance claim, your insurer will take into account the service history when calculating the car’s pre-accident value (in the event of a total loss) and you may end up out of pocket.
Regular car maintenance could also help your vehicle retain its value, allowing you to get a better price when you decide to sell on.

Get Top Quality Auto Electrical Services From Taylor Auto Electrical

Want to book your car in for some maintenance or repair in Auckland? Taylor Auto Electrical & Air Conditioning is the leading automotive service and car tune-up provider in Auckland. They offer high quality, affordable maintenance and repairs for petrol and diesel cars of all makes. Their team of experts is highly trained and we use only the latest, state-of-the-art technology and equipment to diagnose and repair cars. Visit our website www.taylorauto.co.nz to make a booking.

Contact our friendly team at Taylor Auto Electrical to make a booking!

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Looking After A Used Car: Tuning And Maintaining Your Used Car Will Increase Your Vehicle’s Performance, Extend Its Life, And Keep Your Family Safe


Maintaining your used car in good condition will allow you to drive it for a long time, keep you and your family safe, and someday sell it for a decent price. As well as routine maintenance, performing a tune-up on your vehicle will help you get maximum performance out of your car.

How Professional Car Tune-Up Auckland Services Help Look After Your Used Car

The necessary tune-up of a used car can be tricky to determine, particularly if you don’t have the vehicle’s maintenance history records. And, even if you do have them, you may not have the technical knowledge necessary to undertake proper car maintenance. If this is the case, it may be necessary to seek out a qualified and reliable car tune-up Auckland professional to assess your vehicle’s maintenance needs. A car tune-up expert in Auckland, NZ, can assess any immediate problems, undertake the necessary repairs and tune-ups, and let you know about any future needs of your automobile.

What’s Included In A Used Car Tune-Up

In the past, car tune-ups in Auckland were typically cumbersome and time-consuming as they involved checking a wide selection of parts and components. Car tune-up Auckland services included checking things like the carburettors, condensers, ignition contact points, rotor, cap, distributor, and more.

With today’s modern vehicle electronic control units, many of these items are no longer included in car tune-ups. Many components of late model vehicles are controlled by the engine computer and adjust automatically under the hood. However, car tune-up Auckland services are still beneficial, even for newer used cars, and also involve checking a variety of components, including:

– Battery voltage: A car batteries in Auckland check is an important part of car tune-up, and ensures that the battery is capable of holding a charge and producing close to its rated amperage output to power all of the car’s onboard electronics.

– Power balance or dynamic compression: A power balance check helps identify any mechanical problems, such as faulty head gasket, worn rings, bad cam, leaky exhaust valves, etc., which could negatively impact your car’s compression and performance.

– Scan for fault codes: Scanning for fault codes helps detect faults (if any) so they can be addressed and eliminated.

– Verify idle speed: Verifying idle speed helps detect possible Idle Speed Control (ISC) motor problems so they can be rectified.

– Ignition timing: Even if your car’s ignition timing is not adjustable, you should have it checked to ensure that there are no computer or sensor problems. The state and operation of the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valve should also be checked.

– Hoses and belts: Visually inspect hoses and belts and ensure they are in good condition.
– Fluids: Make sure all fluids (brake fluid, power steering fluid, automatic transmission fluid, coolant and oil) are at the proper level and that the condition and appearance of each is acceptable.

– Car alarm: Car alarms Auckland service can help to periodically check that the vehicle’s alarm and immobiliser are functioning correctly and any fault are repaired quickly.

Looking After Your Used Car: What To Replace

If the car tune-up Auckland service finds no major faults with your second-hand car, consider replacing old and worn down components, such as spark plugs, rotor and/or distributor cap, air filter, fuel filter, PVC valve, breather filter, oxygen sensors and other worn-out components. Replacing these worn-out parts will eliminate any driveability problems and restore performance. Also, be sure to check and adjust ignition timing, idle speed and idle mixture, and to clean the injectors and valves.

Taylor Auto Electrical Offers Professional Car Tune-Up Auckland Services

Taylor Auto Electrical is a leading car tune-up Auckland service provider specialising in the repair and maintenance of cars, trucks, trailers, boats, caravans and diggers. Our wide range of services and products includes diagnostics, LED lighting, car battery Auckland service, ABS anti-lock braking, ECU chips, Shorai, SRS (air bag), car alarms Auckland products, engine check, and more.

We offer original-equipment Bosch spare parts and advanced Bosch testing technology, all at affordable prices. Our highly trained technicians maintain the highest standards as approved by MTA and provide their customer guarantee. Please contact us to learn more about our car tune-up Auckland services.

Contact our friendly team at Taylor Auto Electrical to make a booking!

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The Best Maintenance Measures to Keep Your Car Running Smoothly


In order to maintain your vehicle running smoothly in Auckland, it’s imperative to keep up with routine inspections and maintenance. By properly maintaining your car, you’ll preserve its value while incredibly extending its life. You’ll also optimize its performance, and of course, reduce future repair costs. To assist you guard your engine against developing serious mechanical glitches, we’ve put together a list of 5 proven tips that can proactively protect your car. Read on to discover.

5. Maintain Your Car Battery At Peak Performance

Batteries are an essential component of your vehicle’s electrical system since they store the energy that’s required to start your engine. A faulty car battery can make your vehicle break down unexpectedly at the middle of the road or be unable to initiate the engine. It’s, therefore, critical to ensure that it is in the tip-top condition. You can maintain your battery by keeping it secure and clean, so it does not vibrate.

You also need to keep the connections tight at the terminals and keep checking the level of water regularly. Car batteries Auckland usually need to be replaced after every 3-5 years. So if your battery has not been replaced within this period, you need to have it changed before it fails you unexpectedly.

4. Change The Oil Regularly

Oil not only keeps the vital engine parts of your car well lubricated but also prevents them from overheating. Your car can’t work without it, and if you go for too long without changing it, you may cause permanent damage to your car’s engine over time. Recommendations on when you should have your oil changed will vary. However, the latest standard for modern cars suggests that you change the oil after every 3,000 miles or three months.

3. Listen For Abnormal Noises

Turn off your radio occasionally and pay close attention to any unusual noises, both when under way and when idle. For example, you may hear a very loud sound coming from the brakes’ wear indicators if your car needs brakes replacement.

The noise usually goes off when the vehicle is driving, and it’s brake pedal are not depressed. You may also hear several other odd noises. If you can’t pinpoint where the noise is coming from, take your car to Taylor Auto Electrical to get a professional opinion.

2. Checking Tire Pressure

Your vehicle tires are the only part of your car that ever touches the ground. Not surprisingly, they must be the only part that ever touches the road at any given time. Keeping your car’s rubber properly inflated is crucial to safe driving. Underinflated or overinflated tires can affect both the stability and traction of your car.

1. Never Ignore The Check Engine Light

Lastly but not the least, you should never ignore the check engine light. It is there for a good reason, and it might be signaling a major issue with your engine. When it comes on, get a diagnostic test run as soon as you can and identify any potential problem.

Are you looking for a professional car service provider? Or need a car battery Auckland service? Look no further! Taylor Auto Electrical have got you covered. We combine the most innovative state-of-the-art technology and the use of sophisticated equipment to offer a top-notch car maintenance service. Feel free to contact our highly experienced and friendly diagnostic specialists by visiting www.taylorauto.co.nz today!

Contact our friendly team at Taylor Auto Electrical to make a booking!