Looking After A Used Car: Tuning And Maintaining Your Used Car Will Increase Your Vehicle’s Performance, Extend Its Life, And Keep Your Family Safe


Maintaining your used car in good condition will allow you to drive it for a long time, keep you and your family safe, and someday sell it for a decent price. As well as routine maintenance, performing a tune-up on your vehicle will help you get maximum performance out of your car.

How Professional Car Tune-Up Auckland Services Help Look After Your Used Car

The necessary tune-up of a used car can be tricky to determine, particularly if you don’t have the vehicle’s maintenance history records. And, even if you do have them, you may not have the technical knowledge necessary to undertake proper car maintenance. If this is the case, it may be necessary to seek out a qualified and reliable car tune-up Auckland professional to assess your vehicle’s maintenance needs. A car tune-up expert in Auckland, NZ, can assess any immediate problems, undertake the necessary repairs and tune-ups, and let you know about any future needs of your automobile.

What’s Included In A Used Car Tune-Up

In the past, car tune-ups in Auckland were typically cumbersome and time-consuming as they involved checking a wide selection of parts and components. Car tune-up Auckland services included checking things like the carburettors, condensers, ignition contact points, rotor, cap, distributor, and more.

With today’s modern vehicle electronic control units, many of these items are no longer included in car tune-ups. Many components of late model vehicles are controlled by the engine computer and adjust automatically under the hood. However, car tune-up Auckland services are still beneficial, even for newer used cars, and also involve checking a variety of components, including:

– Battery voltage: A car batteries in Auckland check is an important part of car tune-up, and ensures that the battery is capable of holding a charge and producing close to its rated amperage output to power all of the car’s onboard electronics.

– Power balance or dynamic compression: A power balance check helps identify any mechanical problems, such as faulty head gasket, worn rings, bad cam, leaky exhaust valves, etc., which could negatively impact your car’s compression and performance.

– Scan for fault codes: Scanning for fault codes helps detect faults (if any) so they can be addressed and eliminated.

– Verify idle speed: Verifying idle speed helps detect possible Idle Speed Control (ISC) motor problems so they can be rectified.

– Ignition timing: Even if your car’s ignition timing is not adjustable, you should have it checked to ensure that there are no computer or sensor problems. The state and operation of the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valve should also be checked.

– Hoses and belts: Visually inspect hoses and belts and ensure they are in good condition.
– Fluids: Make sure all fluids (brake fluid, power steering fluid, automatic transmission fluid, coolant and oil) are at the proper level and that the condition and appearance of each is acceptable.

– Car alarm: Car alarms Auckland service can help to periodically check that the vehicle’s alarm and immobiliser are functioning correctly and any fault are repaired quickly.

Looking After Your Used Car: What To Replace

If the car tune-up Auckland service finds no major faults with your second-hand car, consider replacing old and worn down components, such as spark plugs, rotor and/or distributor cap, air filter, fuel filter, PVC valve, breather filter, oxygen sensors and other worn-out components. Replacing these worn-out parts will eliminate any driveability problems and restore performance. Also, be sure to check and adjust ignition timing, idle speed and idle mixture, and to clean the injectors and valves.

Taylor Auto Electrical Offers Professional Car Tune-Up Auckland Services

Taylor Auto Electrical is a leading car tune-up Auckland service provider specialising in the repair and maintenance of cars, trucks, trailers, boats, caravans and diggers. Our wide range of services and products includes diagnostics, LED lighting, car battery Auckland service, ABS anti-lock braking, ECU chips, Shorai, SRS (air bag), car alarms Auckland products, engine check, and more.

We offer original-equipment Bosch spare parts and advanced Bosch testing technology, all at affordable prices. Our highly trained technicians maintain the highest standards as approved by MTA and provide their customer guarantee. Please contact us to learn more about our car tune-up Auckland services.

Contact our friendly team at Taylor Auto Electrical to make a booking!

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