Taylor Electrical – Service Summary


Taylor Auto Electrical is a well-known name in Auckland. With an exceptional auto electrician in Auckland that can work at a competitive rate, our company has grown over the years. Starting from humble beginnings as a one man workshop to our current state of the art premises on Clark Street, the one thing that has remained the same is our uncompromising work and customer service standards.

Our team of mechanics specialise in diagnostic checkups of all kinds of vehicles allowing them to get to the root of the problem in no time at all. To achieve this, Taylor Electrical is equipped with the latest technology available on the market. We are also approved by the Motor Trade Association (MTA) and follow industry leading standards in customer service and warranty.

Taylor Electrical also partners with some of the most trusted retail partners to provide its customers a hassle free experience both during and after sale. In fact, we are the only company providing a Battery Man program in West Auckland.

Our services range from the routine to the extremely specialised and everything in between. As a part of the Battery Man program, we can offer customers free car battery testing, extended warranties and even after hours breakdown support. Battery problems are often linked to a faulty Alternator, something which may be fixable without replacing your battery. Our expertise with a whole range of starter motors also ties in nicely with emergency support and repair.

We also provide diagnostic services like difficult to detect computer problems, fuel injection malfunctioning and engine tune ups. Once these issues are detected, they will be repaired if possible or else a replacement part will be arranged for.

Navigation systems are an integral part of a car nowadays, and our close relationship to TomTom, one of the world’s leading provider of in car navigation systems, means that our customers have access to the latest and greatest navigation systems on the market. Installation and/or repair of GPS systems is done on our premises.

At Taylor Electric, we offer a complete rewiring of your vehicle or repairing of smaller problems like malfunctioning electric windows, broken wipers and car air conditioning in Auckland.

Accessories like Car Stereos, LED lighting or safety equipment like ABS, Central Locking systems and reverse parking cameras are also stocked on site so we can provide a one stop solution for our customers.

If you need to leave your car with us for an extended time then we have loan cars available to help you get around in the meantime. Just visit the Taylor Auto Electrical website, taylorauto.co.nz,  for a comprehensive list of our services or give us a call to book a service. Experience our service first hand and join our family of satisfied customers.

Contact our friendly team at Taylor Auto Electrical to make a booking!

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