The Best Maintenance Measures to Keep Your Car Running Smoothly


In order to maintain your vehicle running smoothly in Auckland, it’s imperative to keep up with routine inspections and maintenance. By properly maintaining your car, you’ll preserve its value while incredibly extending its life. You’ll also optimize its performance, and of course, reduce future repair costs. To assist you guard your engine against developing serious mechanical glitches, we’ve put together a list of 5 proven tips that can proactively protect your car. Read on to discover.

5. Maintain Your Car Battery At Peak Performance

Batteries are an essential component of your vehicle’s electrical system since they store the energy that’s required to start your engine. A faulty car battery can make your vehicle break down unexpectedly at the middle of the road or be unable to initiate the engine. It’s, therefore, critical to ensure that it is in the tip-top condition. You can maintain your battery by keeping it secure and clean, so it does not vibrate.

You also need to keep the connections tight at the terminals and keep checking the level of water regularly. Car batteries Auckland usually need to be replaced after every 3-5 years. So if your battery has not been replaced within this period, you need to have it changed before it fails you unexpectedly.

4. Change The Oil Regularly

Oil not only keeps the vital engine parts of your car well lubricated but also prevents them from overheating. Your car can’t work without it, and if you go for too long without changing it, you may cause permanent damage to your car’s engine over time. Recommendations on when you should have your oil changed will vary. However, the latest standard for modern cars suggests that you change the oil after every 3,000 miles or three months.

3. Listen For Abnormal Noises

Turn off your radio occasionally and pay close attention to any unusual noises, both when under way and when idle. For example, you may hear a very loud sound coming from the brakes’ wear indicators if your car needs brakes replacement.

The noise usually goes off when the vehicle is driving, and it’s brake pedal are not depressed. You may also hear several other odd noises. If you can’t pinpoint where the noise is coming from, take your car to Taylor Auto Electrical to get a professional opinion.

2. Checking Tire Pressure

Your vehicle tires are the only part of your car that ever touches the ground. Not surprisingly, they must be the only part that ever touches the road at any given time. Keeping your car’s rubber properly inflated is crucial to safe driving. Underinflated or overinflated tires can affect both the stability and traction of your car.

1. Never Ignore The Check Engine Light

Lastly but not the least, you should never ignore the check engine light. It is there for a good reason, and it might be signaling a major issue with your engine. When it comes on, get a diagnostic test run as soon as you can and identify any potential problem.

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