Why Regular Car Maintenance Can Save You Money


Regular car maintenance is not only important for ensuring the safety and reliability of your vehicle, but it can also help you save money. Being proactive with your car maintenance by following regular service intervals and visiting your mechanic whenever your car develops electronic or mechanical problems will enable you to save money down the road.

How Regular Car Maintenance Can Save You Money

Firstly, it’s worth noting that modern cars are much more complex than vehicles which were manufactured even as recently as five years ago. The sophisticated mechanical and mechatronic systems incorporated into today’s automobiles mean that it is more important than ever to keep your car well maintained so you can enjoy the advances which car makers have developed and avoid the huge repair bills associated with these modern automotive technologies.

Try to fix small, inexpensive electronic and mechanical repair issues before they grow into something bigger that could leave a huge dent in your pocket. A $50 repair job today could save you from having to spend $1000 tomorrow. So any amount you spend getting your car serviced is money well spent.

Regular car maintenance also ensures that your car is inspected regularly, which can help identify and catch repair problems early – which is when they are cheaper and easier to fix. It can pre-warn you about potential major problems, for example with the engine and transmission.

During a regular inspection, your car tune-up Auckland specialist may find a repair problem that you were unaware of. By so doing, the issue can be addressed immediately, preventing the need for major repairs later. Regular maintenance is also important in increasing the life of your car and its fuel efficiency. A correctly serviced and tuned car in Auckland will have a longer, more economical service life compared to one that is run into the ground with minimal or inappropriate attention.

A car that doesn’t undergo regular maintenance is likely to have a higher fuel consumption rate and a shorter life expectancy, whilst being environmentally unfriendly as well as more unsafe.

The things you may choose to ignore that regular maintenance would sort, like oil change, brake inspection, or transmission service could prove very expensive down the road. For example, failure to undertake an oil change could cause it to coagulate and become stuck, starving your car’s engine of lubrication – which, in turn, may lead to expensive engine damage.

While not having had regular maintenance wouldn’t necessarily invalidate any insurance claim, your insurer will take into account the service history when calculating the car’s pre-accident value (in the event of a total loss) and you may end up out of pocket.
Regular car maintenance could also help your vehicle retain its value, allowing you to get a better price when you decide to sell on.

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